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Darren is a musician, vocalist, arranger, songwriter, music educator and music consultant.  His musical journey encompasses a wide range of experiences in community and educational settings over the past 20+ years.  These experiences include recording and performing with various vocal ensembles, composing and arranging music for vocal and instrumental groups, planning and coordinating large scale concert and conference events and facilitating workshops and training sessions for various community organizations.

In addition to his involvement in the music industry, Darren has over 10 years of business experience working in the financial services industry and teaching business in the public school system.

Darren has held a variety of leadership roles in community and educational settings.  His contributions to the community and his knowledge of education and arts organization resources has allowed him to be the recipient of several scholarships and arts grants.

Darren is a strong believer of lifelong learning and as such holds a number of formal qualifications that add to his wealth of knowledge and experience.  He holds a music diploma in contemporary vocal performance and composition from Grant MacEwan University, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music from York University, a Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto and a Master of Music in Music Education from the University of Western Ontario.  He is also an Ontario Certified Teacher and holds Specialist qualifications in Music and Business.  

Darren’s passion is to help develop musical greatness and to pursue excellence while serving the unique needs of each client.

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